A Managed IT Service success story.  It’s Wednesday evening, not unlike last Wednesday or the hundreds before that.  Business was brisk throughout the day, and you have retired home after a long day at the office.  Dinner was fantastic, and you’ve indulged in a glass of wine or three.  Life is excellent, or so it seems.

Meanwhile at the office, unbeknownst to you, one of your business-critical computers has just suffered a hardware failure.  Not a dead disk, not a power supply failure, no, none of the usual culprits.  The fault is much more subtle.  The tension clip that adheres to the CPU heatsink has broken, and the machine has powered down due to a temperature failsafe.

We’ve taken the opportunity to embellish the dinner and wine details to be more entertaining, but this is a real event that happened to one of our Managed IT Service clients last week in Toronto.  Revenni was alerted by our monitoring software that the machine had powered off. When attempts to restore service remotely failed, we attended the client site and discovered the broken clip.

Heatsink fasteners are hard to come by at 11 pm.  We were able to jerry-rig the clamp, restore the service, and have a new heatsink sourced for the next morning.  One of the configuration files for the application became corrupt when the machine powered off abruptly.  We restored the configuration from backups and brought the service back online before the business day began.

Back to you.  It’s Thursday morning.  You wake up, grab the paper, hit the espresso machine and catch up on the daily news.  You come into the office to find a message regarding the critical failure, it’s resolved, and you can start another productive work day.

We work hard to establish value for our customers.  We highlight situations such as this one to demonstrate how we can complement your existing operations.  Imagine the alternative scenario.  Your machine dies in the middle of the night, and you arrive at the office to discover that not only are your customers disappointed because a service they rely on you for is unavailable, but you have several staff members on an extended coffee break because there is nothing for them to do.  We turn this lose/lose situation into a win/win, all while you enjoy a night of rest.

Murphy’s law taught us that if anything can go wrong, it will.  This machine is scheduled to be decommissioned and it’s services virtualized in merely two weeks. The transition isn’t an excuse for unpreparedness.

Remote Monitoring, Backups, and Hardware Lifecycle are just three of the many services Revenni bundles into our Managed IT Service.   Let’s start a discussion about shoring up your technology so you can sleep too.