You’re in the trench, and it’s filling up.  If only you had someone to help bail the water.  We’ve all been there, at least if you’ve been in the sysadmin game for any length of time.

If you’ve been banging your head on a Linux or Open Source problem for too long and are starting to see blurry, we’ve got fresh eyes, buckets, and decades of experience.

As the adage goes, the only thing better than a set of eyes is another set of eyes.


When you purchase Emergency Linux Server Support from Revenni, you are buying a resolution.  We are confident that our team of Linux System Administrators can resolve your issue, so sure, we guarantee it.

If we cannot resolve your issue and offer consultation on how to avoid it in the future, we will refund your payment immediately.


Our Linux System Administrators have been using and supporting Open Source Software for a combined 45 years.  At one point in time or another, we’ve likely supported your application or the components that run it.  Below is a non-exhaustive list of some services we are intimately familiar with.


The last thing you need right now is a complicated engagement process. We’ve put a lot of effort into making your life as easy as possibe.

Simply fill out the form below and you’ll hear from us shortly!

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