Covid-19 ImageThe rapid proliferation of Covid-19 has necessitated deepening concessions here in Canada and all over the world. Starting with social distancing, gathering limits, and as of today in Ontario, all non-essential businesses ordered to close. A lot of businesses have already voluntarily closed, but today marks the first time in my lifetime that our government has ordered all businesses to close.  The exception being the rebel shops that used to stay open on Sundays and Holidays when I was a child, but it’s not just shops today.

This announcement will no doubt accelerate lay offs, business closures, and increasing uncertainty about what the next few months will look like for all of us. One thing is certain, failure to accept this new reality will result in its prolonged presence. The sooner we all take measures to cut the transmission rates the sooner we’ll be on the other side of it.

Revenni acknowledges that we’re in a privileged position as 80% of our work happens online. We’ve had the requirement to work from anywhere for years and we don’t expect a lot of impact to our daily operations. This isn’t true for a lot of small businesses, so today we are announcing that we will assist you and your small business get setup for remote work – “almost free“.

What does “almost free” mean? It means that we will donate our labor and resources to your small business in exchange for a small monetary donation to The Sick Kids Foundation. There are a couple of requirements.

  • We define a small business as a company with fewer than 15 employees.  You should be one.
  • Proof of donation in the amount of $50 CAD is required, and must be dated after March 23rd, 2020.
  • You have some on prem infrastructure capable of running Linux or are willing to pick up a raspberry pi in order for us to deploy a solution for you.
  • We cannot guarantee timeline for deployment, but we’re pretty seasoned at this so it shouldn’t take too long.  Of course, timing also depends on the number of requests we receive.  We’ll do our best to get you up and running as soon as possible and update this post if we get overwhelmed.

What does our solution look like?  It’s a tried and true deployment of OpenVPN.  OpenVPN will allow your staff to connect to your on prem infrastructure and make use of those resources as if they were physically in your office.

Please fill out the following form if this offer appeals to you.

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