Managed Linux Service

Hiring full-time senior level Linux System Administrators can be very costly and often out of reach to a small-medium sized business.  We have designed our Managed Linux Service to provide small-medium sized companies access to experienced Linux System Administrators with decades of experience at a fraction of the costs associated with full-time staff.

We will expertly manage your infrastructure whether it’s a single web server or a complex deployment consisting of several interconnected machines.

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Our Managed Linux Service includes unlimited cloud backups.  One of the core tenets of System Administration is to ensure business continuity in the unimaginable event that something catastrophic occurs. 

BDR (Backup & Disaster Recovery) is often overlooked as something unnecessary, frequently paired with comments like “We’ve never had a problem for years, what’s the likelihood of something happening now?”.  This is a seemingly valid line of thinking, that is until that improbable event occurs. 

We like to have a plan for *when* something goes awry.  The business risk is far too great to leave to anecdotal evidence of reliability and continuity.



Hygiene is important.  Whether we’re talking about showering, laundering clothing, brushing your teeth, and yes, running Linux servers on the internet.

Revenni Inc. will inventory and manage software installed on your server to ensure that you don’t end up running ageing software which is prone to security and reliability issues.  We keep our finger on the rapid pulse of software development, security incidents, and release cycles to keep your machines up to date and free of known security vulnerabilities.

Most security incidents occur on systems running old software long patched to prevent exploitation.  Nothing is worse than knowing that a security incident was due to software patched weeks, months, and even years ago.  We’ll make sure your systems never fall into the abyss of installed and forgotten.


We offer 24×7 monitoring for every Managed Linux Server.

As Linux System Administrators we understand the value of uptime and service availability. Outside of ensuring that your systems are designed to be highly available, our next defence is a tuned monitoring system that will notify us that something isn’t operating as intended before it becomes a significant problem for our users. Proper health checks are critical to offering a reliable service.

24×7 Alerting and response is available as an additional addon for Managed Linux Server customers, otherwise all monitoring events are handled within business hours.


We’d love to hear about what you’re doing with technology and discover where we can add value to your organization.

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