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Linux Consulting

Linux Consulting

Revenni Inc. offers Linux consulting services to small-medium sized businesses.  We have been supporting Linux platform services for over 25 years. We have pretty much supported every major open source project at one point or another.

Not only do we possess a vast amount of knowledge, but we’ve also designed, built, troubleshot and scaled these services on clusters serving millions of users with aggressive four or five nine Service Level Agreements.

Hiring in-house Linux System Administrators is a costly endeavour.  Take advantage of our Senior level Linux consulting at a fraction of the cost of full-time resources.

We specialize in internet related services running on Debian based distributions such as databases, DNS services, web servers, email services and FTP servers.  We’ve posted a list of software we’re intimately familiar with below.



Simply provide us with your name and email address and we will reach out to you on the same day!

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Linux Consulting FAQ
My server is down. Send help.2018-06-19T16:54:40+00:00

Please contact us at +1-647-812-0131. If it is outside of our business hours, please leave a detailed voicemail and we’ll get back to you in 10-60 minutes. Customers on support plans receive an emergency contact for 24/7 response.

Do you support VPS machines?2018-06-19T01:00:02+00:00

Yes.  We offer support for VPS machines from any providers.

Do you offer support for Shared Hosting Plans?2018-06-19T00:59:08+00:00

Shared hosting servers are generally very restricted. We recommend reaching out to your hosting provider for any support you may need, but we’ll assess support on a case by case basis.

Do you offer support for on premises servers?2018-09-18T01:18:41+00:00

For clients located in Toronto, Ontario or the Greater Toronto Area, we provide full hardware and software support for your servers.

What about the cloud?2018-06-19T01:07:24+00:00

We offer support for Digital Ocean, Linode, and AWS.  We will be adding GCP to our offering in the future.