Our passion is problem solving and we specialize in Linux system administration services.  Our Linux system administrators have decades of experience supporting most open source technology and are available to augment your teams with a significant reduction in staffing costs.

We have a few options when it comes to our Linux system administration service, have a look at the table below and when you’re ready, fire us a message!


Is your team operating at maximum capacity? Are you struggling to find the time to tackle a few important projects that would free up some cycles and allow your team to operate more efficiently? If so, Revenni can help.

Our Linux System Administration service is ideal to bridge temporary resource constraints. We can either pick up some of your most time consuming tasks while freeing your staff to focus on project work, or we can tackle the project work while creating concise documentation to hand off to your staff.

We can integrate with your team with a part time linux system administrator or offer monthly block time allocations. Whatever your choice, you can be confident that your project deliverables with be satisfied faster and at significant cost savings compared to employing a full time senior Linux administrator.


Our Linux System Administration Mentorship service is perfect if you already have a Linux System Administrator or small operations team and are looking to fast track a project.  Our decades of experience allows us to apply best practices and sound decisions while imparting our know-how on your team.

We are firm believers in sharing knowledge.  We have built careers leading teams of Linux sysadmins to rapidly assimilate knowledge and apply their learnings to real business problems.

Our mentorship service is offered in five, ten, and fifteen hours of block time per month.  Making use of services such as Google Meet / Zoom, we’ll be virtually in the same office and in constant collaboration with your team.


Startups thrive when they are lean and agile, but they are often staffed primarily with developers. We’ve got nothing against developers, the opposite actually, we love our developers which is why we want them spending their cycles developing rather than wrestling with systems.

Nothing takes the wind out of a sail like working on things we don’t enjoy. When wearing multiple hats and performing inefficiently, we become stressed, overworked, and most importantly demotivated. What if you were free to focus on your area of specialization? Suddenly your stress levels disappear, you make efficient use of your time, and you derive great satisfaction in your work.

Revenni specializes in Linux system administration. Working tightly with your development team to understand your unique requirements, we can design and implement architecture while they focus on their code. When their code is perfect, the infrastructure required has already been built and is ready for deployment.

By augmenting your team with part-time or contract based Linux system administrators, you save time, expenditure, and staff morale.

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