Launching the Open SysAdmin Series

Revenni has started a new series of articles dubbed "Open SysAdmin." But first, a little story. Twenty years ago on an IRC network long forgotten, a group of like-minded individuals were hacking away trying to get Creative Sound Blaster cards working on a Linux machine so that we could [...]

Launching the Open SysAdmin Series2019-08-31T10:56:27+00:00

Configuring Postfix on Debian & Ubuntu to relay via GSuite

We are occasionally requested to set up and deploy mail services for our clients so that their services can send reminders, notifications, billing runs, etc.  Thankfully, mail is one of our fortes.  We have built and maintained mail clusters utilizing open source software (OSS) such as postfix and dovecot [...]

Configuring Postfix on Debian & Ubuntu to relay via GSuite2019-08-31T10:56:28+00:00